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   Wearable and Implantable radio-devices for human sensing

We are making extensive research on new layouts of lightweight RFID antennas over textile or flexible substrates suitable to be attached onto the human body by means of plaster, cards or embedded into garments. Wearable tags are designed to optimize the energy scavenging and to provide read range compatible with in-room tracking. Slotted patch configurations enable the integration of motion sensors for the detection of weak body movements such as breath, cough, fall, but also periodic limb movements during the night or the first appearance of human stress.
The cutting edge of the research is the design of implantable RFID tags able to sense the evolution of some interior pathology such as the restenosis of an artery due to plaque formation and the arising of edemas. We have developed the first prototype of STENTag e.g. an augmented version of a carotid stent that has been equipped by RFID microchips and hence transformed into a plaque sensor, a data memory stick and finally into a communication device.
This research line is expected to produce one of the key technologies to enable the personal E-Health of tomorrow, wherein the person, through his own smartphone, will become the primary hub of data collection about his own body.

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