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Flying Sensors: merging Nano-UAV with Radiofrequency Identification

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RADIOFingerTip: a Finger-Augmented-Device to Restore Peripheral Neuropathy

Wireless Monitoring of Breath by means of a Graphene Oxide-based RFID Wearable Sensor

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In-hospital Temperature Monitoring

The Epidermal Thermal Sensor 

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The Smart Plaster: an Interview to Prof. G. Marrocco

Temperature RFID sensors - Application

High Temperatures Sensing


Detection of Thermal Thresholds 

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Detection of sugar levels

Movement Detection of Human Body Segments

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The Electromagnetics Way to Internet of Things
URSI-Italy 2012, Roma, Italy

Sensitive Antennas for a Smarter World: the Electromagnetics Way to Internet of Things

ANTEM 2012, Toulouse, France

Pervasive Sensing by means of Passive UHF RFID Technology
EURASIP on RFID Technology, Turin Italy, 2012

Advanced UHF RFID Design for Tracking and Sensing UHF
IEEE RFID int. Symposium, Orlando USA 2012

RFID Technology for Pervasive Sensing of Things and Humans
ISABEL conference Spain 2011

Sensing the things by pervasive Electromagnetics: open challenges in RFID technology

2010-Aces Conference, Tampere, Finland, 2010

Challenges, opportunities and Visions in sensing-oriented RFID Technology
WSIM (Wireless Systems International Meeting), Campina Grande, Brasil, May 2010