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2012 Design of Implanted Tags for Temperature Sensing in Concrete
funded by FAMATIM, Italy


2012 Microwave heating of Photovoltaic Panels
funded by SASIL, Italy

2011-2014 Modular and customisable accomodation friendly antenna system for satellite avionics
funded by ESA-ESTEC

2011-12 Design of Miniaturized RFID antennas for body-worn applications
funded by AMEDO (Germany)
2010-11 Electromagnetic Technology for Multiple-Interrogation Active and Passive RFID Systems
fundedn PRIN-2008, Principal Investigator team
2010 Electromagnetic Analysis of dual-service HF antennas for Seaport communications
funded by Selex Communications

2009-10 Miniaturized Multi-Function Antenna System for Micro/Nano-Satellites
funded by European Space Agency

2007 Automatic design of broad-band and miniaturized antennas
funded by IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi

2007 Electromagnetic Analysis of antenna co-location over vehicular platforms
funded by Selex Communications

galileo hand-held
2006 New Multi-band antenna systems for hand-held Galileo receivers
Funded by Alcatel Alenia Space
2006 Experimental characterization of a radar for Speed Control
funded by Lindblad & Piana

2005 Electromagnetic software for the modeling of periodic structures
funded by ESA (via IDS)

2005 Multi-function structural antenna systems for naval Software-Defined Radio
funded by Selex Communications, Finmeccanica Group

2003-05 Novel wideband antennas for Naval Communications
funded by Marconi-Selenia Communications, Finmeccanica Group

2003-04 Electromagnetic Models of Radiofrequency interstitial Hyperthemia
funded by Tecnobiomendica
2003-05 Electromagnetic Modeling of point to multi-point broadband communication
funded by PRIN

2001-02 Virtual Bioelectromagnetic Lab: numerical facilities for dosimetric analysis
funded by Italian Ministry of University and Research (via IDS)
2001-02 Electromagnetic coupling for HF antennas on aircraft
funded by MARCONI MOBILE, Finmeccanica Group

2001 Evaluation of numerical models for the electromagnetic compliance of base station antennas,
funded by the Town of Roma, (Italy)

1999-01 Planar arrays for Space Applications
funded by Italian Space Agency
1999-02 Microwave antennas for multimedia communications
funded by Italian Ministry of University and Research (PRIN)
1999-03 Reflectarray antenna systems for space application
funded by Italian Space Agency
1998-99 Numerical modeling of electromagnetic emission from spacecrafts
funded by IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi, Pisa (Italy)   
1998 EMC modelling of a RF transmitter for the upgrade of Awacs facility
funded by NATO   
1998-99 Hybrid electromagnetic simulation tool for the design of corrugated horn antennas with integrated feed
funded by European Space Agency
1997 Microwaves antennas in planar technology
funded by PRIN