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Distributed antenna systems over mobile platforms

The concept of distributed antennas is also being applied to the new paradigm of Satellite communication systems. In collaboration with the European Space Agency we are developing simple-shape plug and play antennas provided with tuning capability and suited to be allocated into clusters of any configuration to produce omnidirectional as well directive and tracking patterns.
Nano and pico satellites have recently come out, focusing on the realization of spacecraft with small mass, small size, low cost and rapid timescales. One of the problems related to small satellites is the limited capability of RF section in terms of number and quality of available links. These limitations may be overcome by exploiting a new antenna concept based on the idea of “structural radiators” borrowed from Avionic and Naval applications as well as from hand-held communication. It is here shown that, when properly optimized, a multi-port system permits to achieve a plurality of functions together with a natural redundancy that improves fault tolerance.



Passive intermodulations Products (1994)


Italsat F2

  • Electromagnetic modelling for passive intermodulation control


  • FDTD modelling of complex scenarios


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Antenna coupling (2002)




HF antenna performances




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Gain  and near-field at 10 MHz due to towel-bar antennas


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Design of broadband naval antennas (2005)


The Bifolded antenna

HF loaded antenna matched over a broad band



Aircraft-carrier G. GARIBALDI


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Design of broadband naval arrays (2007)


Naval Structural Antenna system

Loaded wires around a big mast may by used to improve efficiency or to shape the coverage











Uniform coverage (28 MHz)          Sectorial coverage (20 MHz


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Antenna Co-location (2007)



FIAT-IVECO VM-90 (2007)


Interference power at the VHF receiver’s channels f0+Df





In Evidence

Antennas Over