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      Short-range passive sensing of chemical-physical parameters

By a close collaboration with experts on Sensors, we are making progress in the development of chemical-loaded antennas embedding carbon nanotubes and conductive polymers with the aim to remotely detect the presence and the amount of some gas such as ammonia, humidity and ethanol. The Electromagnetic challenge is maximize the antenna sensitivity to the changing environment by preserving the communication performances. Possible applications are the Precise Agricolture to sense the plants’ habitat within the fields, in the greenhouse and then in the stock, but also to qualify the wellness in the living and working environments.
Other experiments concern the tracking of temperature changes or dips by means of antennas loaded with shape-memory alloys and sensitive substrates.

Humidity sensing by Polymer-loaded UHF RFID Antennas
S Manzari, C Occhiuzzi, S Nawale, A Catini, C Di Natale, G Marrocco

IEEE Sensors Journal

UHF RFID humidity sensor tag based on hygroscopic polymeric load
S Manzari, C Occhiuzzi, S Nawale, A Catini, C Di Natale, G Marrocco
Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP), 2012 6th European Conference on, 3030-3033

RFID Passive Gas Sensor Integrating Carbon Nanotubes
C Occhiuzzi, A Rida, G Marrocco, M Tentzeris
Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on 59 (10), 2674-2684

Performance analysis of pure paraffin wax as RFID tag substrate
S Manzari, AA Babar, L Ukkonen, AZ Elsherbeni, G Marrocco, L Sydänheimo
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 54 (2), 442-446

Multi-chip RFID antenna integrating shape-memory alloys for detection of thermal thresholds
S Caizzone, C Occhiuzzi, G Marrocco
Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on, 1-1


In Evidence

RFID Antennas doped with PEDOT-PSS
(Humidity Sensor)


Tags with Carbon nanotubes
(Ammonia Sensor)


Tags with Shape memory alloys
(Temperture thresholds)