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   Embedded Radio Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring

Deformations induced over an antenna by a substrate subjected to mechanical strain may be remotely read by processing the antenna response to a query system. Thanks to a collaboration with Civil Engineering researchers we are developing strain-gouge like RFID tags useful to be embedded into or over concrete walls, pillars or a around a crack to remotely sense the Health of a Structure. Electromagnetic effort is oriented to govern and shape the antenna backscattering in presence of time-dependent boundary conditions.
This technology promises ubiquitous applications to the emerging concept of Smart City when a multitude of low-cost passive radio-sensors will be scattered all over buildings and periodically interrogated by moving stations of by the smartphones of collaborating citizens.

RFID-GRIDS for Deformation Sensing
S. Caizzone, G Marrocco
International Conference IEEE RIFD 2012

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C Occhiuzzi, C Paggi, G Marrocco
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RFID tag antenna for passive strain sensing
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In Evidence

Deformation monitoring by RFID GRIDS.


RFID Strain-Gauge